About Us

About Us


  •  Circadian Fitness, a pushFit Inc., Company
  •  Headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California
  •  A Blink Development Partner
  •  Orange County’s First Fitness Consulting Firm
  •  Founded in 2013 by Bryan Holmes

Business Summary

Circadian Fitness combines smartphone technology with one-on-one personal training to make personalized fitness affordable for everyone. We do this by servicing clients in our consultants' studio locations, partner physical therapy offices, local gyms, and client's home or community association gym.


We also have the best refund policy in the industry. We let you stop at any time and refund your remaining balance, we let you change consultants whenever you would like with no hassle, and we provide a 100% money-back guarantee on your first session.


We're a Group of OC Fitness Consultants that...

...each has a life story just like you. Some include childhood disabilities, tragic car accidents, growing up on a farm, a UCLA volleyball scholarship, severe asthma, and other life experiences leading us to a career in fitness and helping people do one major thing: Rewrite life stories through improved health.

We do this by providing you with accountability...

...support, and motivation so you can find your rhythm with exercise. And if you're like us, you know it isn't always easy. So look around, review our stories, search for activities near you, or find a local consultant to help.