Why Fitness Consulting

You want to work out. You know working out helps you feel better, look better, and even think more creatively.
And you know the health benefits: controlling your weight, lowering your cholesterol and blood pressure, keeping your bones strong, staying active and healthy

But that feels dull and boring!

So why do some people work out regularly while many others struggle?
Your self-image or your health goals might motivate you to start exercising. But it's the little things you find within exercise that keep you going.

Whether it's the confidence that comes as you lift heavier weights...
...or the tranquil feeling you experience in an early-morning trail run...
      ...we help you discover your own unique little things...
         ...that motivate and inspire you.

And then exercise is transformed from something you're supposed to do...into something you want to do.

At Circadian Fitness, we offer a different approach to personal fitness.
We offer an approach that respects your individuality, matching you with activities, routines, and consultants that fit your personality and your lifestyle.
  • We start by helping you find the fitness consultant, routines, and activities that work for you.
  • We help you identify your long-term fitness motivators. It's these personal motivators--the little things--that will push and inspire you, so you can stop struggling with discipline and willpower and start making exercise permanent
  • Then we teach you how to manage exercise for yourself--so you have total control over your fitness.
  • And because you only meet with your consultant as needed, Circadian Fitness Consulting costs up to 10 times less than traditional personal training. Your time with your consultant is far more productive and your overall cost is far less.

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