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With an average of five years of fitness experience our consultants love getting clients fit, but just as important, they have the skills to do it. We hand-pick our consultants based on a proven track record, one of helping clients find their rhythm, by transforming exercise from something they’re supposed to do, into something they want to do.


We like a little bit of nerdiness, so a majority of our consultants have degrees in exercise science and hold top certifications. According to a recent study, this matters. In the study, researchers had 115 health fitness professionals take the Fitness Instructors Knowledge Assessment (FIKA [Copyright]) and reported the following results:

  • ACSM or NSCA certified trainers answered 83% of test questions correctly
  • Trainers holding any other certification only answered 38% of the same questions correctly
  • Trainers with an exercise science degree answered 45% more questions correctly
  • Years of experience was not predictive of trainer competence

We think getting answers correct is a good thing.



What you say and what we hear is critical to our mutual success. If we are not listening and saying the right things, we make things simple by letting you stop training at any time and we'll give you a full refund on your remaining balance. See, we told you we listen.


We like getting hearts to beat a little faster; helping you find the right consultant to motivate you ensures we keep yours beating longer. Try our comprehensive search tool to see if you agree. And if we don’t get it right the first time, we make it easy to switch consultants, simply update your profile online and your new consultant will contact you within 24 hours.


We feel fitness is something you balance with life, so we look for trainers that have balanced it with theirs. In other words, our consultants don’t just workout in a gym, but they can also walk the walk, run the run, bike the bike, and swim the swim, if you get what we mean.

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